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Article Details: Registration​

Notes On Annual Fees For Candidates Who Remain Registered As Such For Longer Than Six Years
1 April 2001

The Council recently decided to reduce from 7 (seven) to 6 (six) the maximum number of years within which persons registered in the "Candidate" Category should remain registered as such without being charged the annual fee applicable to professionals. The period of 7 (seven) years was considered to be too long.

This means that, with effect from 1 April 2001, all persons registered in the "Candidate Category", who have not applied for registration in the appropriate professional category are required to pay the applicable full professional fee.

The rationale for this decision is that Candidates should become registered as soon as possible after they meet the minimum requirements for professional registration, to ensure that they take full responsibility for the engineering work they perform.

The Council accepts that for various understandable reasons (such as low economic growth in the Country) trainees are not always exposed to good training opportunities and experience. This will inevitably lengthen the period of training. Therefore, Council will entertain motivated representations from Candidates who can show cause why they were unable to obtain the required training within the maximum period of six years.​