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​Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does ECSA have an online CPD recording systems to recording system to record and monitor my progress?
    Yes, the ECSA online system can be accessed by clicking on the following link.
    The new ECSA online platform was launched at the end of March 2018 and registered persons with valid email addresses were sent an invitation                  that needed to be redeemed. Stakeholders (registered persons) who did not receive the email, please contact to confirm                    your valid email address.
    Please note that initially stakeholders have to redeem their invitation to obtaining access to the portal and not register as that would create two                     profiles and make it difficult to ensure one profile for an individual.
2. I forgot my login details?
    ​a) Your username can be obtained from or by contacting ECSA’s Call Centre on +2711 607 9500
    b) Your password can be changed by clicking on the “forgot your password” link on the sign in section of the ECSA Online page.
3. What is the difference between an annum/year and a cycle?
    An annum/year refers to twelve (12) months. A cycle refers to five (5) years.
4. What are the different categories in which CPD credits can be claimed?
    There are three (3) categories in which CPD credits can be obtained, namely
    Category 1:​Developmental Activities
     - for the attendance of validated structured/developmental activities such as conferences, congresses, large group workshops etc.
    Category 2: Work-based Activities
     - for performing your day-to-day engineering related work and for mentoring of candidate engineers in the workplace
    Category 3: Individual Activities
     - for being a member of ECSA recognised Voluntary Association and doing other activities that relate to engineering.
      Refer to Appendix A of the CPD Rules for a detailed explanation of these categories.
5. What is the minimum number of CPD credits which one should accumulate in a five (5) year cycle?
     The registered practitioner needs to obtain a minimum twenty-five (25) credits over a five (5) year cycle. The registered practitioner needs to                         obtain a minimum of 3 credits in two of the three categories per year and a minimum of  five (5) credits in Category 1: Developmental Activities for a                   cycle.
6. Who can validate activities for Category 1: Developmental Activities?
    Only ECSA recognised Voluntary Associations and Tertiary Institutions with accredited engineering programs may validate activities for Category 1:                    Developmental Activities.
7. How do I confirm that an activity was indeed validated
    All CPD activities that have been validated are listed on the ECSA’s website. Confirmation can be obtained by means of the following CPD activities link 
            8. For how long is Category 1: Developmental activities validated for
                  Category 1: Developmental activities should not be validated for longer than three (3) years. 
            9. Who do I contact if I require assistance with the requirements of CPD
                You can e-mail ECSA at​ for any CPD enquiries.
10. What is CPD?
      CPD is Continuing Professional Development which facilitates a mechanism through which registered practitioners are able to renew
      their registration with ECSA. Section 22(1) of the Engineering Profession Act, 200 (Act 46 of 2000) requires that a registered practitioner 
      has to renew his or her registration and has to apply’ in the prescribed manner, to the Council for the renewal of his or her registration.
11. Where can I obtain the required CPD related forms?
      All related forms for CPD may be obtained by accessing the following link.
      CPD Forms
12. When does my cycle expire?
      The five (5) year cycle of each registered practitioner commences on the anniversary of the date on which such a registered practitioner was registered          by the Council, which is the date that appears on the practitioners certificate of registration issued by the CouncilThis date also constitutes the                      expiry date of their cycle and the date on which they have to renew their registration with the Council.
13. There are no service provider’s offering CPD activities in my area, how do I attain CPD credits?
      Some VA's provide online CPD activities for Category 1:Credits​.
      Category 3 credits can also be obtained from reading the technical articles in technical publications and answering some controlled questions.
      Generally there will be activities in all of the main centres throughout South Africa.
14. CPD courses are quite expensive and unaffordable, is there a way to mitigate the cost?
      CPD Courses vary in costs; a number ofVA's and other bodies provide much affordable courses to cater for different stakeholders.
      We live in a free market economy and market forces regulate the cost. VA's provide free presentations that have CPD credits.
15. Why does ECSA grant CPD points for membership of Voluntary Associations?
      Voluntary Associations provide facilities for networking with other engineering peers and opportunities for professional development by
       reading technical publications and by attending technical talks and presentations.Furthermore ECSA recognises the value of being a member
      of a VA.
16. If I further my studies and obtain a post graduate qualification, will this count towards my CPD credits?
      The completion of a post graduate qualification gives an applicant five (5) CPD credits in Category 1: Developmental Activities.
17. One way of obtaining CPD credits is by reading  technical publications. How does ECSA verify this?
      ECSA relies on one adhering to the Code of Conduct and this can also be verified by an audit process as stipulated in 
      rule 11 of the Rules on CPD.
18. I am a member of an international professional body, can I submit activities completed through this professional body to ECSA for CPD           credits?
      International activities may be acceptable.The registered practitioner must apply to ECSA for evaluation and approval of such an activity 
      by completing an application for evaluation of international activities (ForECPD5) and providing the required confirmation documentation.
19. Am I allowed to repeat a CPD activity and resubmit as part of my CPD portfolio?
      ECSA will not condone a repeat activity within a year as no new knowledge is obtained however refresher activity is accepted provided it
       is in another year within the same cycle.
20. Would registration with other statutory councils or bodies count as CPD credits?
       Registration with another body does not constitute keeping up to date or learning and is thus not acceptable for CPD credits
21. If I completed an activity locally which is not validated, can I submit the evidence to accumulate CPD credits?​
      No. A local activity which was not validated cannot be claimed under Category 1: Development Activities.
22. I am due to renew my registration, however, in the past five (5) years I have failed to accumulate any CPD credits, is there                                  any remedial course for my case?
      The Council may, upon receipt of a fully motivated and substantiated application from any registered practitioner, grant exemption from the                              requirements of these rules for such period within the five year cycle as the council may deem appropriate and reasonable (refer to section 8
      of the Rules on CPD). This cannot be condoned indefinitely. Renewal of registration is a formal process and application for renewal of registration                      must be made to Council in the prescribed manner, whether you have the necessary credits or not. If this is not done your registration will lapse.
23. I work as a manager, and am no longer strictly performing practical engineering function how can I accumulate CPD credits to keep               my registration?
      Engineering Managers still take engineering decisions and use engineering principles in making these decisions. Keeping up to date and meeting CPD                requirements is still vital for the individual who wants to remain registered.
24. As a Candidate Engineer do I need to present CPD evidence?
      The CPD policy does not apply to candidates. However as a candidate you are required continue learning which we call Initial Professional                                Development (IPD). The IPD is required when applying for registration in order meet Outcome 11,Attending CPD courses for purposes oIPD
       also helps you to develop other competencies.Validation of IPD activities is not required for ECSA registration.