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Identification of Engineering Work: Steering Committee [IDoEW-SC]

Engineering Discipline Name
Aerospace / Mechanical / Aeronautical Mr G Barbic
Aeronautical Prof AJ van Wyk
Agricultural Prof HLM du Plessis
Chemical Dr PJD Lloyd
Civil Mr A Naidu
Electrical / Electronic Mr RA Harker
Industrial Mr J Khosa
Metallurgical Mr CA Roode
Mr M Valenta

Mr RP Mphring
Mr DJ van Niekerk

Registration Category
Professional Engineering Technologists Mr BL Pitman
Professional Certificated Engineers Mr du Toit Grobler
Professional Engineering Technicians Mr PS Moncur
Special Interest Groups
Consulting Engineers (SAACE) Mr IGW Evans (Chair)
Mr W Mayne
Project Co-ordinator Mr R A Harker
ECSA Consultant Mr P Roux
ECSA Functionaries
President Mr. C Campbell
Ex Vice-President Mr RA Pullen
Chief Executive Officer Dr O Franks
Director: Admin & Finance & Project Leader Mr E Naudé
Consultant Prof H Hanrahan