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 1. Gazettes 
 2. General

3. Registration
3.1. All Categories


3.2. Professional Engineers
3.2.1. Professional Engineers
 Important Notice
 For Professional Engineers and Candidate Engineers Only
The new online registration system for Professional Engineers and Candidate Engineers is not yet in operation.(Commencement date to be announced )
Registration changes for other categories will be made available as and when they are finalised. This notice will be updated from time to time.






3.3.1 Professional Engineering Technologists
3.3.2 New Registration for Professional Engineering Technologists

3.4.1 Professional Engineering Technicians

3.4.2. New Registration for Professional Engineering Technicians



 ​3.5. Discipline Specific Training Guide for all Categories

3.6. Professional Certificated Engineers




3.7. International Registers and Mutual Exemption Agreements

3.8. Specified Categories

3.8.1 Lift Inspectors

3.8.2 Lifting Machinery Inspectors

3.8.4 Fire Protection Systems Practitioners


3.8.5 Civil Laboratory Technical Controller

 3.8.6 Enterprise Intergration Practioners

 ​4. Professional Practice 

4.1 Professional Conduct
4.2. Continuing Professional Development and Renewal of Registration



4.5. Codes of Practice


    5. Accreditation of Engineering Programmes
    5.1. Integrated Accreditation System Documents (Applicable only to BEng-type Engineering Programmes at present)

    6. Qualifications Evaluation

    7. Standards Development
     7.1. Standards Completed
    • R-02-STA-PE/PT/PN: Competency Standard for Registration in Professional Categories as PE/PT/PN
    7.2. Standards Submitted to SAQA for Registration

    7.3. New Engineering Technology Qualification Standards



     ​8. Academies